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Shipping to United States starts from None for letters and € 27.95 for parcels.

Where do you ship?

We use an outsourced warehouse which is located in Finland. Also, pick-up orders are shipped from the same warehouse. Please wait for the email notification telling you when your order is ready for pick up.

Can I order products to be picked up at the store?


Yes you can! When making your order, please remember to choose "pick-up" as your shipping method. We use an outsourced warehouse for our products. It takes 1-2 working days for the pick up orders to arrive at our store. You will receive an email when your order is ready for pick up! 

Are all e-commerce products available in the store?


Most of our board games and accessories are located in an outsourced warehouse. However, you can order any products from our online store to our brick & mortar store using the "pick up from store" shipping method. Pick-up orders do not have any shipping costs! You will receive an email when your order is ready for pick up. We do have a wide range of board games and accessories at our store too and those products are 100% reserved for our physical store customers :)

Are the prices online the same as in the store?



Can I order products that do not appear in the online store or ask for them?

We strive for the widest range of products and stock up on the most popular board games and card game and miniature products. Although there is no product in the online store, it may still be available through our suppliers. If you would like to order a more special product or want to add it to our range, you can reach ous via the chat at the bottom of the page or email us at

For a product that are out of stock, you can get an email alert when it is available for order. You get an email when the product is available for pre order of in stock. If you don't have an user account with us, you need to confirm the mail alert in your email inbox.

Do you have a loyalty program? What is a Poro Club?

The Poro Club is one of our ways to reward our loyal customers. Online purchases accrue bonus credits to our customer accounts, which they can use to their liking. Orders made to be picked up from the store will also accumulate porcelain bonuses. However, Kredubonars are not distributed for discount products, postage, or credit purchases. More about Poroclub:

What are credits?

Store credits is the currency in the Poromagia online store and Poromagia brick & mortar store. One credit equals one euro in our shop and can pay for any products and almost all tournament entry fees. You can get store credits by selling us your used board games! or by registering and earning credits via poroclub bonus program


Can I pay by invoice / installment?

Together with Walley, we offer invoice and instalment payments. When selecting invoice or instalment payments, you receive your goods before you pay.


1) When paying preorder items with Walley we can't guarantee you receive the order before the invoice due date! 

2) Walley Invoice payment is only available for Finnish residents

You can then choose to pay the whole amount at once or to break up the payments into smaller instalments. Due date can vary and is presented on the invoice sent to you. Delivery method and possible fees added is shown in the checkout before confirming the purchase. A small credit check is carried out, which in some cases requires credit information. In the event of delayed or missed payments, a penalty fee and penalty interest is charged. To see the full terms and conditions for Walley use the links:

Walley terms and conditions:

Do you take trainees?

There is always a need for extra pairs of hands every now and then! We strive to provide enthusiastic assistants with work tasks such as shop maintenance and various tasks on our website. If you are interested in an internship or a school TET, please contact


How long does it take to get more out of stock?

We order supplements in monthly cycles and possibly more often. The product packing period is about 2-4 weeks. However, we cannot guarantee delivery times for cards, because their availability is card and situational.

Do you take part in it and will the event take place at Poromagia?

Poromagia reindeers are herd animals and hold games and hobbies. Every year, we participate in a large number of events or cones about Finland's role playing and anime. Our standard tour includes, for example, Desuco, Desucon Frostbite, Ropecon, Animeco and Tracon. We often bring various gaming products for sale, bring demonstration games, and bring on-demand online store orders from customers.

In addition to the above, we also visit other events, which we always report in good time on our website's news stream and on our Facebook channel.

If you would like to suggest a fun event for reindeer or an event organizer, please contact

I ordered products as a package / cash on delivery, how do I get my shipping ID?

You will receive an email when your order leaves our warehouse and your tracking ID appears on the order. In addition, we have a system that uses a text message to notify the cell phone when the order can be retrieved from the mail.

I placed an order on your website, when will my order be shipped or ready for pick-up?

Orders made before 13:00 PM (EET) on workdays will be processed the same day. Orders made during weekends and on holidays will be processed during the next workday. More info on shipping within Finland can be found here, and outside Finland can be found here. You'll always receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. 

Poromagia good mind cookies

Welcome to play and enjoy. To ensure a fun gaming experience for everyone, we've created a few guidelines:

  1. Take the others into consideration. Don't criticize your gamers. Everyone has the same right to enjoy the game, regardless of gender, age or other external circumstances.
  2. Don't curse or shout. Even the smallest of the family sitting in the game mode should be happy to have fun. Everyone has a good mind while staying alive and low-noise!
  3. When a loss occurs, it can be ripped and away from the layer. However, do not give it to your gaming partners / opponents! So don't behave aggressively, subdue them or criticize their game choices. Instead, chill out elsewhere, calm down and turn your mind towards future victories!
  4. Take into account the opening hours of the movement. Games should be stopped 10 minutes before closing the shop. This way the Reindeer will be able to collect the forces in time for the next day!
  5. Take care of your own hygiene. This keeps the air in the game space fresh and comfortable in the game mode!
  6. Clean your own traces: take the trash to the trash, and toss the cans for recovery. It is nice to come to the clean table, and without the mess, the games can start on time.
  7. Don't sell your cards or games to customers while you are in the shop. Changing cards is allowed and desirable!
  8. If you notice any annoying activity or need help, all Reindeer will be happy to help you.

Thank you for your attention!