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The father of modern board gaming on his final journey

Klaus Teuber, the creator of the popular board game Catan, has passed away on April 1, 2023 at the age of 70 due to a short and serious illness. Teuber had been actively working on new expansions and versions of Catan, which were set to be released later this year.

In a statement from Catan Studios, Teuber was described as a "legend in the board game industry," having designed one of the most well-known modern board game series in history. Teuber had also designed several other board games, such as Barbarossa in 1988 and Hoity Toity in 1990.

Catan, formerly known as Settlers of Catan, was first released in 1995 and quickly became one of the most popular board games of the last 30 years. The unexpected success of Catan led Teuber to quit his job as a dental technician in 1998 and turn the game into his family business. Teuber's contribution to the gaming industry is immeasurable, but his creation of Catan will undoubtedly be his greatest legacy.

Teuber was described by the Catan Studios team as a kind and great inspiration to others. They encourage people to remember him by being kind to one another, fearlessly pursuing their creative passions, and enjoying games with their loved ones.

The awards are being given out across the Atlantic

The American Tabletop Award committee has announced the winners of the 2023 American Tabletop Awards, and the diverse selection of games is sure to please all types of players.

In the Early Gamers category, the winner was boop., a game suitable for younger players in which players raise kittens into adult cats and try to kick others off the bed in this cute and fast-paced three-row game where they manage cat positions.

In the Casual Games category, the winner was Turing Machine, a game that offers a challenging puzzle for players of all skill levels. Build your own computer using punch cards and solve logical puzzles in this smart game where both players and components are even smarter.

For seeker of real challenge, the winner in the Strategy Games category was Planet Unknown, which offers complexity and endurance beyond casual play. Develop your own planet and avoid meteors in this polyomino game with simultaneous play, machine building, and meteor showers.

Last but not least, the winner in the Carnegie Complex Games category was chosen. This deeply strategic game tests even the most experienced players' skills. Build your powerful company as an industrial tycoon and expand your influence in America in this challenging and fascinating game that requires planning, execution, and occasional philanthropy.

The games chosen by the American Tabletop Awards committee demonstrate a commitment to celebrating the diversity of the gaming community, and the winners cover a range of genres, player numbers, and themes. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy game or a complex challenge, the 2023 American Tabletop Award winners have got you covered.

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