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Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood (PREORDER)

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Release date:2023 (estimate updated 4.1.2023)
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Playing time
Suggested Age
Number of players
1 - 4


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Product Information

Price (incl. tax)€186.96
Price (excl. tax)€186.96
AvailabilityRelease date:2023 (estimate updated 4.1.2023)
Shipping (estimate)€104.95
DesignerJamie Jolly
Game MechanicDice Rolling, Pattern Recognition, Variable Player Powers, Hand Management, Modular Board, Push Your Luck, Action Points, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Cooperative Game, Hexagon Grid, Role Playing, Card Play Conflict Resolution, Storytelling
Game TypeCard Game
Playing time90
PublisherShadowborne Games
Suggested Age14+
ThemeFantasy, Adventure, Exploration, Medieval, Fighting, Mythology, Dice, Card game, Miniatures, Puzzle, Novel-based
Number of players1 - 4

Product Description

Oathsworn is a Twisting Tales Game for 1-4 players where play is focused on narrative choices and rich miniature combat encounters. The game is set in the Deepwood where a Free company (the Oathsworn) fights for humanity's survival against unnatural horrors and the Deepwood itself.

Each gaming session sees the players participate in a multi path game book where the story unfolds to an inevitable encounter. The encounters are multi phase scripted boss fights on the encounter board where players have to outwit and outplay the AI driven monsters and enemies. As the sessions unfold the group is taken into a deep legacy campaign where they gain levels, loot and new allies to join them in their journey.

Oathsworn boasts a unique push your luck combat system of exploding dice where players are always having to decide between hitting harder and potentially missing the attack. This coupled with a euro style cooldown system called 'Battleflow' makes for a vibrant and engaging play session.

(description from the publisher)