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Lord of the Rings LCG: The Two Towers Saga Expansion (PREORDER)

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Release date:Q4 2023 (loka-joulukuu, arvio) (päivitetty 23.08.2023)
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Nate French
Lord of the Rings LCG
Player Maximum
Player Minimum
Deluxe & Saga Expansion
Fantasy Flight Games
Suggested Age


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Product Information

Price (incl. tax)€62.01
Price (excl. tax)€62.01
AvailabilityRelease date:Q4 2023 (loka-joulukuu, arvio) (päivitetty 23.08.2023)
Shipping (estimate)€34.95
DesignerNate French
GameLord of the Rings LCG
Player Maximum2
Player Minimum1
ProductDeluxe & Saga Expansion
PublisherFantasy Flight Games
Suggested Age13+

Product Description

The Fellowship has been shattered. During a pivotal confrontation at Amon Hen, formidable Orcs bearing Saruman's White Hand insignia ambushed the company. Amidst the turmoil, some members were taken captive, while others met their end. Now, Aragorn and the remaining members of the Fellowship face a dilemma: they must allow Frodo to journey to Mordor alone while they chase down the Orcs who have taken their comrades.

Embark on the subsequent chapter of the quest to obliterate the One Ring in this grand expansion. This set encompasses six scenarios that reenact the adventures depicted in the second segment of the iconic The Lord of the Rings narrative. Within this box, you'll also discover over 60 hero and player cards. These can be employed to craft or refine your decks for any The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game scenario or campaign.

This expansion is a repackaged box that includes both The Treason of Saruman and The Land of Shadow.

(description from the publisher)